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Arianne Ens


Workshop: Inspire Girl  

The gospel of Jesus Christ is GOOD NEWS. Not just for the shepherds on the first Christmas or the disciples who walked with Jesus. The gospel is good news for today! Jesus loves you because He loves you because He loves you because He loves you— there is nothing you can do to keep that love from finding you! And when we learn to embrace that love, to live FROM love instead of FOR it, we find that we are free to be unique, free to be ourselves, free to be creative, and free to be bold.  Come learn about how the Gospel and the reckless love of God for His children can change you and bring purpose to your life.


Hey, I’m Arianne! I was born and raised in Mexico City where my parents were missionaries for almost twenty years. After graduating from high school in Saskatoon, I found myself at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry for two years in Redding, California. My time in Redding was wild— learning to follow Jesus wholeheartedly is not for the faint of heart! I grew so much in my identity as I learned that I am a daughter of God who is loved simply because I have a good Father, not because of anything I have done or will do. Now I’m back in Saskatoon studying to be a high school teacher at the University of Saskatchewan. While I study, I’m doing my best to love God and love others passionately because the world is desperate to be seen, known, and loved.