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Crystal Lavallee

Founder of I Am Compelled Canada

Workshop: Live with confidence & get results 

Everyone has a story to tell and a journey to live. How we see ourselves is the first step to doing the impossible. During this session, Crystal will be sharing the secrets of her journey as a pioneer, leader and entrepreneur. You won't want to miss out on this workshop. Bring your note pad and pen, and get ready to live a life of confidence that produces results! 


Crystal Lavallee is the Founder and National Director of I Am Compelled, a registered charity impacting Canada's next generation leaders. The organization has given actors, dancers and hip hop artists a platform to use their talents to bring to life stories of great Canadians. Audiences of 10,000 plus, across school boards in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec have benefited from these assemblies. 

In 2010 Crystal discovered she is a Metis, with roots connecting to Louis Riel, Founder of Manitoba. This discovery opened up a door for her to step into the role of Producer for First Peoples Voices at 100 Huntley Street. Crystal is brave, bold and beautiful. With over 10 years experience pioneering in Canada, she is willing and ready to give you practical tools to run your race and leave an impact.

Crystal is passionate and strives to live with excellence. She pushes others to dream BIG and live big. Her favourite donut is sprinkle from Tim Horton’s and gives her money away to advance worthy causes.