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Dany Muembo

University Student

Workshop: Life is about love

In this workshop, I’ll be sharing my story. I will tell about how I maneuvered through hard experiences, wanted to end it all, how through it all God was my constant. It is about how I ended up in Canada and most importantly how I came to the conclusion that our broken world needs so much love. Love in it’s truest sense is very different to what our society and culture has led us to believe.


Hello! My name is Dany Muembo. I am from The DR Congo. I migrated to Canada three years ago as a refugee. I fled a horrific war that goes on to this day at a young age. Spent the rest of my life as a refugee in different African countries and most interestingly spent time in the reserves this summer. It was AWESOME! I am an Arts and Science student at the University of Saskatchewan.