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Dawn Kellington

Social worker

Workshop: Day By Day (Youth Led Workshop)

In this workshop, a panel of five Day by Day High School Student Advocates will share their experiences, through a panel discussion, of living with mental health challenges and offer their thoughts and ideas about youth and mental wellness. Dawn Kellington, social worker and editor of Day by Day: A Handbook for Teens will also share some practical mental wellness tips for young people to overcome struggle and influence the world by sharing their stories. All participants will receive a copy of Day by Day: A Handbook for Teens.


Dawn is a social worker passionate about youth and mental wellness. She coordinates the Survivor 101 program offered in Saskatoon high schools for students experiencing various forms of violence and mental health challenges. Dawn and the student contributors of Day by Day: A Handbook for Teens love to start conversations about youth, violence and mental health and advocate for the needs of youth. They believe that we can become stronger, grow, persevere and make a difference- day by day.