Deloris Netmaker

Workshop: Through Truth and Reconciliation

What is this “Truth”? Why do we have to Reconcile?This workshop will educate you about a part of Canada’s history in regards to the Indigenous People’s and what happened at Residential Schools and why it’s so important for reconciliation to happen. Knowing and understanding the past will help as we move forward. The impact that Residential Schools made on the First Nation people is unspeakable but God wants to heal and restore. As we learn and gain understanding of this truth we can help in the reconciliation


Deloris Netmaker is from Big River First Nation but currently resides in Saskatoon. She and her husband are both Pastors and Educators. She has had opportunity to sit on the Horizon Board of Governors, Saskatchewan Aboriginal Ministries, and be co-founder of Project Hope Canada. Nationally, she sits on the Aboriginal Guiding Group and through her work as an Executive Director in Education she is very much involved. She desires to help and serve in the capacity that God has placed her in. Her passion is to see unity in the body of Christ and for all to work together to further His kingdom.