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Inspire to Influence Course: STAND Successful

The Inspire to Influence program is launching soon in Saskatoon!

8 Week Program. Group Mentoring. Community Volunteerism. Leadership Development. All teens welcome, ages 12-19!


I have incredible news for you! The word “Gospel” means Good News!

The “Gospel” is the story of Jesus’ life and death, but the reason the Gospel is so incredible is because it can make your life amazing today! People around you might say that you are most successful when you have money, status, fame or popularity – but the truth is, you are most successful when you have complete confidence in your identity. The Good News is that when Jesus died and rose again, he made the way for you to experience life with the unshakable confidence: Your value is sealed. You are a Son or Daughter of God. So, what difference does that make?

Once you become free from the pressure to make yourself feel significant, secure or accepted, you can influence your world in the way you were created to.

The STAND Successful Course is designed to provide a pathway for you to:

-Experience growth and gratitude
-Have healthy relationships; take ownership of your life
-Establish values, vision and live audaciously
-Be motivated with a growth mindset to influence your world
-Know and build your own strengths
-Have grit and value all people

In order to do these things, you need to have a secure identity – and it can’t be all about yourself, because you aren’t perfect. If your confidence is in yourself, when the going gets tough, you won’t be able to stand firm. However, God’s given you a new identity that empowers you to live the most incredible life and influence your world in dynamic ways, and this is true success!

Ready to take big strides and grow in your God-given identity? Here we go!

More details coming soon!


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Resources include:

-Participant’s Guide
-Facilitator’s Guide
-6 Session Videos


Facilitator’s Guide

Participant’s Guide


Video Sessions

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