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Leanne Muchinsky

Teacher & Artist

Workshop: Watercolor Painting  

Leanne will spend time with a small group of youth sharing a simple exercise in watercolour in meditating on “words.” Words are significant to life; in the beginning, the Divine spoke the universe into being. People have words spoken over them to encourage growth, transform essence, and cultivate peace. Participants in this workshop will choose a verse, phrase, or word that is significant to them and learn the skills to paint a 5”x7” reminder of the words they can meditate on during the season they are walking through. Youth will go home with the art piece they complete, the brush they used, and a small palette of paint to keep creating at home.


Leanne is trained as an artist and a teacher and currently is a practising professional artist. Faith in Christ has always been the foundation of her life and she has always cultivated her relationship with the Divine through creativity. Leanne enjoys learning and teaching art so much because she can share with all who are hungry how she connects with the world and the one who created it.