Inspire YXE

Kaitlyn Cey

Director & Conference Co-Lead

My life looks like...

My name is Kaitlyn and I work as a teacher and a pastor and I love what I get to do every day! Working with people gives me life and I am most passionate about seeing people grow and learn and transform as they venture through life! I have an incredible family and my friends make life oh so sweet! 

A few things I love...

I get to hit the highway with the Saskatoon Horizon Cycling Club during the warmer months, and enjoy a myriad of sports. Tennis and softball in the sunshine are great and there is nothing like a good book, warm cinnamon tea and a fresh snowfall blanketing the world just outside my window. I love the staff and students at the high school I teach at and the people at Elim Church enhance my life in many ways! 

Why I believe in the mission of Mirror Mirror YXE...

I believe that people are happiest and most fulfilled when they are growing, and becoming all God created them to be. I want to see people live creative, confident lives - with authenticity and courage. This involves emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health - and as women and girls embrace and value their own identity, they become empowered to live confident, fulfilling lives that contribute to positive change in the world. We were all made to enjoy the process of growing in character and ability - sometimes we all just need a little guidance and help to get there as we navigate life's challenges together. If we can embrace the key values of Mirror Mirror YXE, identity, belonging and impact - we truly can change the world. 

Favorite quotes
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
― Margaret Mead

"Perfect love casts out fear."
― The Bible


Baillie Janex


My life looks like...

Life is never dull! I own a ladies home and ecommerce based shoe company, which occupies majority of my time. I work part time for a real estate agent, which I absolutely love. But my real passion is pre/post natal and labor care so I am studying to become a doula. I also love to serve others and volunteer!

A few things I love...

I love all things health and fitness! In my spare time you will likely find me on the running trails with friends, in my home gym working out, or in the kitchen baking yummy, healthy snacks (or in the kitchen eating tacos and cabbage rolls!). I love hanging out with friends and meeting new people, but I also really love to just sit down and watch some TV, listen to music or a podcast, or read a good book.

Why I believe in the mission of Mirror Mirror YXE...

Growing up is so hard! All girls deserve to feel accepted, valued, and loved. Fostering confidence by knowing and valuing who we really are is powerful! It’s also a powerful thing when we can recognize the diversity of the world and have a desire to go out in the community and serve others. By helping girls recognize these things, I hope they can fully discover their who they are, and how they can make a difference.

Favourite quotes: 

"Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my diciples - when they see the love you have for each other."
― John 13:34-35

"We rise by lifting others."
― Robert Ingersoll


Dawn Kellington

Mirror Mirror Director & Course Facilitator

My life looks like...

I work as a social worker with a community organization in Saskatoon. I get to spend my days supporting young people in high schools & our community and I love it! In addition to this, I'm also a doula and get to support women & families through birth which is such a privilege and honour. I've lived in Saskatoon for 7-ish years but i was born and raised in rural Saskatchewan. 

A few things I love...

Birthdays, summer, snow cones, the colour yellow & manatees are some of the first things that come to mind. I also love the ocean, trees, adventures & tomatoes. 
I really enjoy crafts, pilates, gardening, hammocking, having fun and learning new things. 
I'm passionate about food sovereignty, social justice, mental health and people being empowered & heard.

Why I believe in the mission of Mirror Mirror YXE...

I believe the world needs strong women and that every woman deserves to be confident in who she is as a unique & beautiful individual. That isn't always easy to remember & live out though. 
I remember being younger and having so many questions & doubts about who I was and who I was meant to be and I needed others to help me through that! At some point we all need other girls and women to help us navigate questions & doubts, to inspire & encourage us and to just be there living life alongside us!
I think Mirror Mirror YXE is a beautiful example of this and I know the girls & women who are a part of it are making the world a better place- and that's really exciting to me! 

Favourite quote: 

"May God bless us with discomfort at easy answers, half-truths, and superficial relationships, so that we may live deep within our hearts.

May God bless us with anger at injustice, oppression, and exploitation of people, so that we may work for justice, freedom and peace.

May God bless us with tears to shed for those who suffer from pain, rejection, starvation and war, so that we may reach out our hands to comfort them and turn their pain into joy.

And may God bless us with enough foolishness to believe that we can make a difference in this world, so that we can do what others claim cannot be done."

- A Franciscan Benediction


Alysha Radics

Mirror Mirror Course Facilitator

My life looks like...

Just over a year ago I transitioned from the university student city life in Saskatoon to the working/farmer wife life in rural SK. I live in a small village with 130 people where main street consists of a general store and a tiny post office (we are box 145 of 148!). Between my days of working as a Registered Nurse at the local hospital in Shellbrook, you can find me keeping my husband company on the combine, learning how to garden and make homemade jam, biking the gravel back roads, leading worship at our church, or babysitting our 3 nephews…with monthly trips back to Saskatoon to visit my city friends (and do some shopping) of course.

A few things I love...

I absolutely love travelling and getting to meet people of different cultures & ethnicities. Horseback riding, Latin inspired dance workouts (eg. Zumba!), and a good game of beach volleyball are a few of the things that make me “come alive.” Knee boarding, sun tanning, Coffee, and deserts of any kind are also some things I love.

Why I believe in the mission of Mirror Mirror YXE...

I am passionate about young people, especially girls, growing into their full God given potential. Knowing your identity, worth, and belonging in Christ is crucial to fulfill the purposes and destiny God has put you on this earth for. I know what it feels like to struggle with body image and self- worth. During my preteen/early teen years I was very skinny, had terrible acne, frizzy hair, glasses, and braces. I remember one of the ladies in our church giving me a Christian magazine for young girls about Identity and self-worth. I began to soak in the truth about who God said I was- and it changed everything. I began to embrace my “school smarts” and natural curly hair. Thankfully I eventually got my braces off and my acne improved. But what remained was an inner confidence and value that was rooted in God’s approval of me and not what the world said. I want to pass on that same message I received as a young girl to others who so desperately need it. There is a great need for girls today, regardless of race, social status, living in rural or urban settings, to hear the message of Mirror Mirror YXE.

Favourite quotes: 

“Whatever He puts in front of you, do it with great love.”
― Ann Voskamp

“Be still and know that I am God”
― Abba Father


Tomisin Olaniyi

Conference Treasurer

My life looks like...

I moved to Saskatoon with my parents and sister in the very cold October of 2006 from a tropical city which never goes below 25 degrees Celsius. Since then I got an accounting degree and have been working as an accountant since 2012. I come from a large extended family scattered across the world. Those who live in Saskatoon, all live 5 minutes from one another! I've attended Elim Church since I moved to Saskatoon, I've been part of the choir for as long as I remember and got involved with the Women's Ministry in 2016.

A few things I love...

I love God and the extravagant way in which He loves me. I love His word it's a constant reminder that God loves me in spite of my shortcomings

I also love my extremely loud but loving family, we have way too much fun together, and it's never a dull moment when I'm around them

I also love Singing, Salsa, Crossfit and travelling.

Why I believe in the mission of Mirror Mirror YXE...

I know what it feels like to struggle with the sense of belonging. I can relate to the experiences of young girls of not being well liked or struggling to fit in into a new or even familiar environment. I wish I had the tools that the mission of Mirror Mirror YXE provides when I was between the ages of 10-18 to equip me and empower me to know that I am enough, I fit in just the way I am and I can contribute an immense deal to my community.


Tarrant Crosschild

Community Liason & Conference Co-Lead

Bio coming soon