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Jason Ballard

Alpha Youth Series Host

Jason is one of the hosts of the Alpha Youth Series and a pastor at his home church, Christian Life Assembly in Langley, British Columbia. He works with Alpha to build resources that serve the local church.  Jason and Rachael have three kids: Hudson, Mary and Millie. He loves preaching about Jesus, eating chocolate chip cookies and posting pictures of his kids on Instagram. Jason does a weekly podcast called Hidden City that you can find on iTunes.


If you want to find out more about him, you can find him on Instagram: @jasonaballard

For Alpha: @alphacourse


Bold As Lions


Husband and wife Sean and Karli Quigley front independent and energetic band BOLD AS LIONS. The young duo has built their band on spreading the message that matters most to them. Whoever you are, wherever you have been, you matter, you’re loved and you’re not alone. Over the past few years they’ve had the opportunity to travel all over Canada touring with that message. They are gearing up to release their second in studio album. The two singles “What You Said” and “You Don’t Even Know” have an angsty pop sound with lyrics that are so relatable you can’t help but sing them at the top of your lungs.
“We are just two broken people trying to to find peace in the chaos. Trying to be different than what society says we should be.” We are BOLD AS LIONS.


Chantel Denie

Hip Hop Dancer & Motivational Speaker

Music has always been a significant part of Chantel’s life. Growing up, she studied classical music but discovered R&B and hip-hop music in high school and was instantly in love with, what was for her, this new sound. She writes from a place of vulnerability and is fiercely passionate for people to know their true value, worth and purpose. With music being a source of healing, inspiration, and connection in her own life, she desires to use her music to do the same for others.


Greg Denie

Motivational Speaker

Greg is well known and well-respected for his ability to speak from the heart. It is this heart, in combination with courage and his relationship to personal struggle, that allows him to craft and present poems that are sincere, direct, and always deeply human.  As a poet Greg is able to foreground his own personal history, his relationship to loss, personal struggle and pain in order to give his poetry and speeches the sense of authenticity, humility and humanity that allows him to connect with audiences all over the world. Greg is a poet and speaker who believes that the power of a well-told, honest story can be a tool for personal and communal transformation.




Veshone actively uses his God given talents in the music and acting industries. As an accomplished, award nominated music artist, Veshone has 4 outstanding bodies of work under his belt, including his hit album "Beautiful" and his highly anticipated new album "DNA" featuring the contagious single "OMG".Veshone's Album "Beautiful" is his most personal and vulnerable album to date, while his latest album "DNA" ( Don't Need Approval) un-apologetically speaks on his truths, his life experiences, and his faith.

Check regularly for updates or an appearance near you.