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Tarrant Cross Child

After winning the Saskatchewan Marathon in 1998 Tarrant Cross Child was set to rise through the Canadian long distance running ranks, but addiction to alcohol and gambling took over his life in the years following.

An attempt to take his own life in 2014 led Tarrant into a rehabilitation program. During his year-long stay in rehabilitation Tarrant began running again - and he hasn’t stopped since. Tarrant is now training with a high-performance running group in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and sharing his message of hope and restoration with people across North America. In 2015, along with his wife and four children, Tarrant founded Child of the Cross Running Clinics, which has reached thousands of youth to date. Through these clinics, Tarrant encourages indigenous youth to live an active lifestyle and to make positive, healthy choices. Tarrant is an ambassador of Brainsport Running Store in Saskatoon and an ambassador of New Balance Running Shoes. Tarrant holds nothing back when sharing an open and honest message about mental illness, addiction, and how he found the hope and strength to overcome.