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Alyssa Esparaz

Writer & Communicator at Compassion Canada

Workshop: Compassion Generation: Discovering our Role in God’s Redeeming Story  

Poverty. Slavery. War. Depression. Bullying. Materialism. How do we make sense of all the brokenness around us? For a generation that has a full and instant view of all that goes on in the world through the screens in our pockets, it can be hard to believe God has a plan in the midst of it all. But the good news is that He is writing a beautiful story of redemption, and He is inviting each of us to be a part of it. Come join us as we examine poverty and injustice, and together discover how God is uniquely calling and equipping each of us to spread his love, hope and Good News in the midst of it all.


Alyssa Esparaz brings her passions for youth, justice and Jesus to her role of Writer and Communicator at Compassion Canada. She is the host of Compassion’s youth curriculum, True Story: What God Wants Us To Do About Poverty. As a youth leader at her local church and a passionate voice for justice and compassion in the Canadian youth ministry community, Alyssa encourages her generation to share Christ’s love and hope with their neighbours both globally and in their own cities and communities. Her heart is to see Christians, especially young Christians, living lifestyles of shalom. She blogs at and is a regular contributor to Love Is Moving magazine. When she’s not doing any of the above or working towards her International Development degree at the University of Toronto, Alyssa can be found cheering for the Raptors, dreaming about going on an airplane, or eating way too much ice cream.

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Amanda Chan

Youth pastor at St. John Bosco

Workshop: Share Your Story (Youth Led Workshop)

Everyone has a story. What’s yours? Our stories have influence and can inspire others, but often times we shy away from sharing them. But not anymore! Come to this workshop, listen to other youth, just like you, share their stories and gain the tools necessary to share your story confidently! 


Amanda Chan has been working in church ministry for the past three and a half years. She is passionate about the Gospel and knows the difference that Jesus can make in the lives of those who accept his love and grace. Amanda loves people, kitties and reading inspiring books.

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Arianne Ens


Workshop: Inspire Girl  

The gospel of Jesus Christ is GOOD NEWS. Not just for the shepherds on the first Christmas or the disciples who walked with Jesus. The gospel is good news for today! Jesus loves you because He loves you because He loves you because He loves you— there is nothing you can do to keep that love from finding you! And when we learn to embrace that love, to live FROM love instead of FOR it, we find that we are free to be unique, free to be ourselves, free to be creative, and free to be bold.  Come learn about how the Gospel and the reckless love of God for His children can change you and bring purpose to your life.


Hey, I’m Arianne! I was born and raised in Mexico City where my parents were missionaries for almost twenty years. After graduating from high school in Saskatoon, I found myself at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry for two years in Redding, California. My time in Redding was wild— learning to follow Jesus wholeheartedly is not for the faint of heart! I grew so much in my identity as I learned that I am a daughter of God who is loved simply because I have a good Father, not because of anything I have done or will do. Now I’m back in Saskatoon studying to be a high school teacher at the University of Saskatchewan. While I study, I’m doing my best to love God and love others passionately because the world is desperate to be seen, known, and loved.

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Dawn Kellington

Social worker

Workshop: Day By Day (Youth Led Workshop)

In this workshop, a panel of five Day by Day High School Student Advocates will share their experiences, through a panel discussion, of living with mental health challenges and offer their thoughts and ideas about youth and mental wellness. Dawn Kellington, social worker and editor of Day by Day: A Handbook for Teens will also share some practical mental wellness tips for young people to overcome struggle and influence the world by sharing their stories. All participants will receive a copy of Day by Day: A Handbook for Teens.


Dawn is a social worker passionate about youth and mental wellness. She coordinates the Survivor 101 program offered in Saskatoon high schools for students experiencing various forms of violence and mental health challenges. Dawn and the student contributors of Day by Day: A Handbook for Teens love to start conversations about youth, violence and mental health and advocate for the needs of youth. They believe that we can become stronger, grow, persevere and make a difference- day by day.


Deloris Netmaker

Workshop: Through Truth and Reconciliation

What is this “Truth”? Why do we have to Reconcile?This workshop will educate you about a part of Canada’s history in regards to the Indigenous People’s and what happened at Residential Schools and why it’s so important for reconciliation to happen. Knowing and understanding the past will help as we move forward. The impact that Residential Schools made on the First Nation people is unspeakable but God wants to heal and restore. As we learn and gain understanding of this truth we can help in the reconciliation


Deloris Netmaker is from Big River First Nation but currently resides in Saskatoon. She and her husband are both Pastors and Educators. She has had opportunity to sit on the Horizon Board of Governors, Saskatchewan Aboriginal Ministries, and be co-founder of Project Hope Canada. Nationally, she sits on the Aboriginal Guiding Group and through her work as an Executive Director in Education she is very much involved. She desires to help and serve in the capacity that God has placed her in. Her passion is to see unity in the body of Christ and for all to work together to further His kingdom.

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Josh Singh

Spiritual Development Pastor at Elim Church

Workshop: Leader Workshop

Josh is passionate to see the next generation embrace their unique purpose on this planet and develop a mindset of resiliency. Josh believes every difficult situation can be considered an opportunity, and is dedicated to helping people discover their own voice and passions so they can better live out God's purposes. Josh is featured in the Inspire YXE Course film, and will also explain the benefits of going through the course and workbook. You don't want to miss this workshop - it could change your life!


Josh Singh is the son of a Punjabi father and French Canadian mother. He is a husband and dad to three amazing kids. He is the Spiritual Development Pastor at Elim Church in Saskatoon and is an ADHD advocate who was diagnosed with the disorder as an adult. He is going to bring an dynamic workshop to Inspire YXE 2019!

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Leanne Muchinsky

Teacher & Artist

Workshop: Watercolor Painting  

Leanne will spend time with a small group of youth sharing a simple exercise in watercolour in meditating on “words.” Words are significant to life; in the beginning, the Divine spoke the universe into being. People have words spoken over them to encourage growth, transform essence, and cultivate peace. Participants in this workshop will choose a verse, phrase, or word that is significant to them and learn the skills to paint a 5”x7” reminder of the words they can meditate on during the season they are walking through. Youth will go home with the art piece they complete, the brush they used, and a small palette of paint to keep creating at home.


Leanne is trained as an artist and a teacher and currently is a practising professional artist. Faith in Christ has always been the foundation of her life and she has always cultivated her relationship with the Divine through creativity. Leanne enjoys learning and teaching art so much because she can share with all who are hungry how she connects with the world and the one who created it.

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Rick Langlais

CEO of Hands On Outreach Development Centre Inc.

Workshop: The Greatness of God

Prepare to be deeply touched by this compelling and unforgettable story of a man who experienced firsthand the raw ugliness of abuse, addiction and violence. But God had other plans for Rick Langlais. Through a personal encounter with God, Rick was transformed into a champion of love and hope for the inner-city street people. Now Rick believes that every person, no matter how deeply entrenched in a cycle of despair, is a person of immeasurable value in God’s eyes. Rick has dedicated his life to spreading this message both in word and in deed.


Rick Langlais experienced firsthand the ugliness of abuse, addiction and violence. Through a personal encounter with God, Rick was transformed into a champion of love and hope for the inner-city street people. Rick is the founder and CEO of Hands On Outreach Development Centre Inc.

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Tracey Bert

Cree and Saulteaux from Red Pheasant First Nation - Treaty 6 Territory

Workshop: Indigenous Beading 101 

Whether you're a beginner, ready to learn the basics, or an experienced beader, this workshop provides you with the information you need to know to learn how to bead Indigenous Style.


Tracey has beaded for over 10 years and enjoys working on projects for her family. She is married to her husband Mike of 13 years and has 2 children. Her interests are beading, travelling, crafting, watching her kids sporting events and visiting with family and friends.

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Greg & Chantel Denie

Hip hop artists/ motivational speakers

Workshop: Hip Hop Dance

Turn up the music, we are ready to dance! This is a fun class that will introduce you to hip hop movement and grooves. There are a variety of hip-hop styles including breaking, popping, locking and old school. In this session we will be teaching a few foundational hip hop moves and be putting them together in a short combination.

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing and shoes.