Inspire YXE

Stephen Vincent

Math Teacher 

Workshop: Seeing God's Design in Nature through Math

What do a pineapple, a flower, a snail shell and a piano keyboard have in common? How do they relate to mathematical patterns? God's beauty in creation is evident all around us and math helps us see his design in patterns and relationships. Come explore some of these connections through a series of hands on activities. 


Stephen Vincent has been teaching math in Saskatoon at the high school and elementary level for the past 13 years. He has a passion for the aesthetics in math, helping others to see the natural beauty of patterns and designs being brought to light through mathematical discovery. He lives in Saskatoon with his wife and three boys. Other interests include sports of any kind, camping and board games.

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Brad Guldemond

Worship Leader/ song writer, compassion ambassador 

Workshop: Releasing Creativity

Do you have gifts in the area of music and the arts? In this session we’ll be looking at our creativity identity as sons and daughters made in the image of God. You will also learn practical steps to help you access and activate your creativity, especially in the area of music and the arts. 


Brad Guldemond is a Canadian Christian artist, songwriter, and worship leader. He is a 2-time Covenant Award winner and the recipient of multiple songwriting awards. Brad is passionate about leading people of all ages into a deepening relationship with Christ and equipping artists and songwriters to fulfill their creative potential. 


The Treblemakers

Workshop: Swing Dance

Our SWING DANCE workshop will include steps, spins and of course tricks and aerials!  We encourage workshop participants to wear gym shoes and clothes... you will get sweaty!!


The Treblemakers Performance Company is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide positive, affordable, and team-based music, dance, and drama opportunities for youth in Saskatoon. Our core values are those of teamwork, leadership and self-improvement. We seek to empower youth to develop leadership and mentoring skills and to bring youth of all ages together. We run events such as drop-in swing dance nights, coffee houses, youth masses and many more!

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Coralee Pringle-Nelson


Workshop: Suicide Prevention for Parents/ Leaders of Youth


Coralee is the proud mom of two energetic and exuberant boys.  She has her fingers in all sorts of creative and professional pies, grateful that she has a supportive hubby to help hold the pieces together.  Coralee has been working as a registered psychologist since 2005 in numerous sectors with a variety of clients and organizations.   


Deloris Netmaker & Karen Bird

Workshop: Overcoming Racial Barriers Through Truth and Reconciliation

In Canada,the Indian Residential School system was a network of boarding schools for Indigenous peoples. The school system was created for the purpose of removing children from the influence of their own culture and assimilating them into the dominant Canadian culture.Roughly, 150,000 of Indigenous children were placed in Residential schools nationally. At least 6,000 are estimated to have died while in residents. The schools were intentionally located far away from Indigenous communities to minimize contact between families and their children. 

The impact of the Residential School system was very significant and caused much harm to the Indigenous children and the family system. Removing the children from their families, depriving them of speaking their language, exposing them to sexual and physical abuse. As a result many Indigenous people suffer of post-traumatic stress, alcoholism, substance abuse and suicide and continues in Indigenous communities. 

In 2008 a public apology was made by Prime Minister Harper and thus we have the Truth and Reconciliation. The truth was told by many Residential School survivors of their experiences. 

As children of God how do we address this and move forward?  How do we walk in Unity? 


Saskatoon Open Door Society

Workshop: Life is a Door

The Saskatoon Open Door Society will give two 45 minute presentations entitled ‘Life is a Door’. We will talk about the inspiring topic of sponsoring Newcomers to Canada and all the challenges, obstacles, and rewards bundled into the process. A high school student will join us to talk briefly about his multicultural background and an influential project he’s involved with. We invite you to come and be inspired!


The Saskatoon Open Door Society was established in 1980 as a centre to welcome and assist refugees and immigrants moving to Saskatoon.


Paula Collins & Jasmyn Pingue

Mother/ daughter team

Workshop: Act like a Lady; Be a Gentleman

It’s time to get back to the basics with a lil’ old school mixed with the new generation!

Confidence, proper etiquette, posture, poise, wardrobe/style, grooming, relationships, dating, conversations (talking), texting, respect, listening & role playing will be taught in this workshop.

GIRLS: BRING a pair of heels; GUYS: BRING a pair of shoes


Paula has over 35 years in the Model & Talent Industry. She is the Owner/Director of MASALA Model & Talent & School of Personal Development. Paula is a former model and actor.

Jasmyn is a Model Scout, Runway Coach, Creative Stylist and a Personal Development Mentor/Coordinator for teens & young adults. She attended Fine Arts School at OCAD Univ. in Toronto, Ontario.

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Dany Muembo

University Student

Workshop: Life is about love

In this workshop, I’ll be sharing my story. I will tell about how I maneuvered through hard experiences, wanted to end it all, how through it all God was my constant. It is about how I ended up in Canada and most importantly how I came to the conclusion that our broken world needs so much love. Love in it’s truest sense is very different to what our society and culture has led us to believe.


Hello! My name is Dany Muembo. I am from The DR Congo. I migrated to Canada three years ago as a refugee. I fled a horrific war that goes on to this day at a young age. Spent the rest of my life as a refugee in different African countries and most interestingly spent time in the reserves this summer. It was AWESOME! I am an Arts and Science student at the University of Saskatchewan. 


Teena Nelson

Art Teacher

Workshop: Introduction to Printmaking

Participants will enjoy a relaxed introduction to one type of printmaking – mono prints. No prior experience in printing, painting or drawing is required. Each student should expect to produce a minimum of 1 print during course of the workshop. Each class will begin with demonstrations by the instructor, followed by 45 minutes to 1 hour of printmaking by the participants. 


Teena Nelson has been teaching art throughout her educational career from Saskatoon to Ahtahkakoop First Nation for the past 6 years. She is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan and still pursues her art through her painting and drawing. 

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Stefan Scott

High School Teacher

Workshop: Let's make a robot!

Making things is an excellent way to learn! In this workshop, we’ll learn a bit about basic electronics and build a simple bug robot that can navigate around its environment and respond to obstacles it encounters in a positive way! No previous experience is necessary; just come with a curious mind and a desire to build! 


Stefan is a computer science and creative digital arts instructor who lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Ever since starting up an extracurricular robotics program three years ago, he’s been fascinated by the creative possibilities with electronics, microcontrollers, and project-based learning that is driven by computer science. In addition to being a perpetual tinkerer, Stefan enjoys getting exercise through playing basketball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and badminton. However, his current favourite athletic pastime is definitely Spikeball, and he is counting the days until warm springtime weather beckons us outside for a game or two.

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Josh Singh

Connections Pastor at Elim Church

Workshop: Lemons to lemonade

Life is not easy and depending on your race, religion, gender or physical limitation it can feel like you are being handed lemons from every direction. Obstacles and struggle are a part of the human experience, but learning how to turn your barriers into bridges is a skill that can change everything.  Lemons to Lemonade is a session about how to take the messiness and pain of life and turn them into the tools that will help build a life that is worth living. 


Josh Singh is a the son of a Punjabi father and French Canadian mother. He is a husband and a dad to three amazing kids. He's the Spiritual Development pastor at Elim Church in Saskatoon and is an ADHD advocate who was diagnosed with the disorder as an adult. 


Rachel Van Poele

Behaviour therapist at Saskatoon Autism Services

Workshop: Learning to Thrive

In this interactive workshop learn 5 simple ways to create a happy, healthy, and more purposeful you! 


Rachel Van Poele is a Behaviour Therapist at Autism Services Saskatoon, contributing author of "Positive Psychology Interventions in Practice", and a Diving and Gymnastics coach. She is also an avid reader, an innovative cook, and an enthusiastic student. Rachel's passion lies in using the power and practicality of positive psychology to create a cycle of positive change for years to come.

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Brooke Nicholls

Worship Artist

Workshop: Who Am I?

"Living in a social media driven world, it’s so easy to not feel as though we add up. Am I pretty enough? 

Do I have enough followers? Is my style cool enough? Oh boy, I need more likes on my last picture.

WHO AM I? WHO DOES GOD SAY I AM?  You are loved.  You are free.  You are beautifully and wonderfully made.  

That’s who you are. Let’s dive into what it looks like to live a life knowing who we are in Jesus. "


Brooke Nicholls is a Worship Leader and Songwriter from Toronto, ON, where she serves as a Staff Worship Leader at C4 Church. When she's not at her home Church, she's leading worship at different Churches and Ministries across Canada and beyond. Brooke is nominated for New Artist of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2017 Canadian Gospel Music Awards and will release her new album ‘Pursue’ in early 2018. Brooke is married to her guitar player Steve.


Cheryl McManus

Founder of girl365

Workshop: I declare!

"Who do you say that I am?" One of the most important questions we are asked and need to ask ourselves. In this workshop we will talk about the fact that what we believe in determines who we become, and that we have an invitation to beleive some pretty incredible things! Then we will make some powerful declarations about who we really are and what we will become. This workshop is GIRLS ONLY.


Cheryl McManus is a wife and mom of 2 young girls, born and raised in Ontario but has called BC home for the past 9 years. She has worked with children and youth for over 12 years, and currently leads GIRL365 Ministry for teens, which bears the message #youareloved. Ask her about her love for Disney or her favourite junk food items, and she will also likely give you a hug.


Dallas Pelly

Indigenous Education Coordinator

Workshop: Reconciliation and the church: Fostering healthy relationships with Indigenous youth

What does the word reconciliation mean in our Canadian church context? This session will explore the issue of how to better engage with our Indigenous neighbours, especially youth.  Dallas is an Indigenous man who hopes to invite others into a thoughtful dialogue on his own journey of reconciliation in a way that honours the complex history of the relationship between Indigenous people and the church.


Dallas is an Indigenous educator, community builder, and social innovator. His greatest goal in life is to be a role model for Indigenous youth and to help bring the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada. In his spare time, Dallas love biking, swimming, jogging, long boarding, and going for long walks and wrestling with his 2 year old son, Oaklen Musqua. Dallas and his family currently reside on Treaty 6 territory in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and are members of Forest Grove Community Church.

Crystal Lavallee (1).png

Crystal Lavallee

Founder of I Am Compelled Canada

Workshop: Live with confidence & get results 

Everyone has a story to tell and a journey to live. How we see ourselves is the first step to doing the impossible. During this session, Crystal will be sharing the secrets of her journey as a pioneer, leader and entrepreneur. You won't want to miss out on this workshop. Bring your note pad and pen, and get ready to live a life of confidence that produces results! 


Crystal Lavallee is the Founder and National Director of I Am Compelled, a registered charity impacting Canada's next generation leaders. The organization has given actors, dancers and hip hop artists a platform to use their talents to bring to life stories of great Canadians. Audiences of 10,000 plus, across school boards in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec have benefited from these assemblies. 

In 2010 Crystal discovered she is a Metis, with roots connecting to Louis Riel, Founder of Manitoba. This discovery opened up a door for her to step into the role of Producer for First Peoples Voices at 100 Huntley Street. Crystal is brave, bold and beautiful. With over 10 years experience pioneering in Canada, she is willing and ready to give you practical tools to run your race and leave an impact.

Crystal is passionate and strives to live with excellence. She pushes others to dream BIG and live big. Her favourite donut is sprinkle from Tim Horton’s and gives her money away to advance worthy causes.

Greg and Chantel-Workshop .jpg

Greg & Chantel Denie

Hip hop artists/ motivational speakers

Workshop: Hip Hop Dance


Legacy One is a motivational hip-hop crew that EMPOWERS students to realize their POTENTIAL, overcome adversity and become influencers in their COMMUNITY.

Legacy One is Canada’s premier provider of the assembly experience!

Legacy 1 is a non-profit organization that impacts students through the urban arts. we offer a variety of performances and workshops that encourage students to find their unique voice.

Over the last seven years, Legacy One has inspired over 100,000 students across five countries! 

Brandon Weibe.jpg

Brandon Weibe

Financial advisor & leadership consultant

Workshop: The happy/sad theory

What makes us happy?  What makes us sad?  We all have feelings leaning towards being happy or sad and we often think that, “If only this happened, then I would be happy!”  However, there are predictable patterns of behaviour that will lead to us being happy or sad.  Learn how we can make choices that will make us happy!


Brandon is a financial planner with Four Eight Financial.  He is the former director of DIRT camp a paintball camp run out of Ranger Lake Bible Camp.  He is also an associate with Kids Matter Leadership.  Brandon has a passion for leadership, business, and going fishing with his wife Danielle!

Evan Peters.jpg

Evan Peters

Saskatoon Youth for Christ Director

Workshop: Floor Hockey


Evan Joined Saskatoon Youth for Christ in September of 2012 and currently spends most of his time directing and co-ordinating the Youth For Christ Hockey League. Other responsibilities Evan has are, spending time at the local youth detention centre and running a guys Bible study every week. The detention centre allows him to speak into the young men, that have made mistakes and are looking for changes in their lives and the Bible study allows him to create a space for young men to dig deeper into God's nature and how it impacts their daily lives.